Posting Agenda for the Next Several Months

While it would be nice to start the process of posting whatever ideological insights I feel like sharing with the world, I have decided on something different.


In my view it would be a little rushed to begin posting on anything political – it would be the equivalent to a speaker starting every lecture without introducingĀ themselvesĀ to the audience. Besides that the things I plan on covering are bound to seem unusual to most people, especially the perspective that I cover them from.


Who the hell decides that the market is preferable to politicians in deciding how goods, choices, and services are allocated? Better yet – how can anyone decide that that government should be removed from our society? Do you think I simply labeled myself what I do now because I never became accustomed to conventional political thought? Did I always think this way for as long as politics was even on my radar?


For the next several months, I plan on giving what will be a less than perfect intellectual biography. To be honest, the inspiration for this came largely from an economist I admire that had done pretty much the same thing. By highlighting the journey that got me here, you may better understand the destination. Perhaps you’ll find yourself taking a route that parallels mine as well.


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