Before (and How) I Got Into Politics: Part I

I will try my best to keep all of this as vague as possible in terms of when these things happened, what my occupation was at the time, or anything else that might make it easy for someone to decipher who I am. But in the process I hope to somehow keep it detailed enough for readers to the point where they may begin seeing the same things unfold right before their own eyes.


It does not stem from being ashamed of how I think; I would just rather not deal with people approaching me on the streets and starting an argument. There is a time and place for everything, and occasions when I am confronted with someone who has beef with my views is something I would rather decide on my own terms.


Nothing┬ámischievous, just a personal preference – that’s all.


The kind of person that has a strong interest in anything political tends to be someone who cares about more than what happens at home, their workplace, school, or anything else we all must encounter. This person is not satisfied with overlooking current events in society; they have some kind of opinion about how we would be best off in the ways we associate with each other.


So instead of unleashing a virtual holocaust on their free time by getting a Facebook, they find other ways to kill time in a more meaningful way. At least this is how the stereotype applied to me.


I say this of course because most of what I tend to see on Facebook is people sharing details of their personal lives that are only marginally relevant to those around them – if they are even relevant at all. Not that I actually have a Facebook, but a little shoulder-surfing tells me pretty much everything I need to know.

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