Happy Fourth – 2011 Edition

Even though I have a few more posts that I am on the brink of finishing and meant to post before anything else, today is a day where an exception makes pretty good sense.


Happy birthday America!


American Flag Tattered


235 years ago the people that brought you to life realized the inanity of having a central authority thousands of miles away attempt to dictate as well as punish the progress they were making.


Taxes, inflation, and attempts to restrict firearm ownership all led to many of that time to realize the implications of good ol’ Common Sense. Time and time again England did what they could to oppress the people that led to your inception.


And so the American Revolution began.


You America, are something akin to a newborn that survived a fall down the stairs while you were still exiting the womb; gross but true. England was quite the deadbeat for not letting you realize your full potential. Not the most painless of the many nation-state geneses humanity has brought forth, but it had to be done. šŸ˜‰


Now it appears that the sameĀ secessionist anti-authoritarian spirit has greatly diminished, but this is not permanent.


Our symbol in distress

Though times may get tough, all is not lost.


May the citizens of America and people the world over take this day to recognize the dichotomy that exists between government and freedom itself.

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