2012 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

Now that I actually plan on doing something with this blog and not leave it idle, here are some quick observations I have made:


1. My homepage obviously sucks (I sure think it does), and that should be fixed in the next month when I set up a new design that actually looks like it has a layout of some kind.


2. The previous biographical entries are insanely mediocre – so bad I almost want to take them down and start from scratch. But I think the real problem is that I just dove in on what I remember without really taking the time to understand how I arrived at my present destination. I should take care to do that as I continue that (poorly written) summary of my ideological development.


3. “State Exempt” – the book I have been putting notes together for since late 2009 – is once again going to take a lot longer than I originally presumed. When I first set out to write it I had the intention of it being no more than a hundred-fifty pages long, and would be completed within a year. But then a year became two, three, etc, while the page length itself looks like it will be around 350-375 pages in the form of a 6×9″ paperback made through Createspace (yes, I want full rights over this project and want to eliminate any publishing overhead). A webbed edition will also be available because copyright to me is nonsense.


I wish to make as few and as broad predictions as I possibly can because I honestly do not know what will become of this blog, or my book. Distractions continue to become apparent but the solution now seems to be to stop relying on deadlines altogether. If I really wanted to commit myself to a strict publication date, “State Exempt” would be available on Amazon and my personal Createspace store by President’s Day of 2015, or maybe early November of that year so as to mark the seventh anniversary of my relief from statist views altogether.


But I cannot make any promises. At the very least what I can do is give updates on how far I am with the book and give sneak peeks to the actual content itself. All I can say is that it will be quite the milestone for me when “State Exempt” becomes available. In the meantime, it looks like I have some explaining to do as to why I wish to write under a pen name…


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