Happy Two-Year Site Anniversary

I can still remember that night. As I stayed up late scrolling through web page after web page, I finally made the decision to purchase the web domain where this blog now resides.


That same night, the 2010 midterm elections took place. Supposedly an electoral revolution that shared parallels with what occured in 1994 was taking place. Of course, I was pretty skeptical about the legitimacy of that – not because I was in disagreement about a need to reign in spending, but rather because past records of how GOP-led congress handles spending seems to suggest that they might not be so inclined to reduce spending after all.


Granted, I understand that this does not vindicate the Democratic party or the present administration from high spending either. I also understand that many of the figures used to understate government spending increases over the past few years rely on some flawed metrics – like using percentages instead of absolute dollars in measuring spending increases:


Bush Obama Spending Increase

Technically each percentage of increase in spending over the last few years represents a higher total dollar amount since it represents an increase on a larger budget to begin with, but the basic point remains: Big spending is characteristic of either major party.


Like the description on this site’s welcome page (yes – I have very mediocre html skills) states, I paid little attention to the elections. Instead, I finally got around to buying this website and beginning the process of constructing it. Despite my lack of web design skills, I think I have managed to make this into something worthwhile.


Which brings me to the actual purpose of this post. Now that I actually have more of a stable routine established, I plan on posting bi-weekly instead of just once a month or less. Perhaps even more often than that if I can, because after two years I feel like I have completely neglected this site, especially after taking time off from YouTube for such a long time.


So what can readers expect now? For one, I will be posting semi-drafts of material that will be featured in State Exempt (the actual book this site is based on). Since I started putting notes together for it nearly four years ago, much of my time has been spent on other things which of course include endless online debates that have subsided (for now). Secondly, I do plan on posting on other topics that come up from time to time.


These other topics include critiques of various news articles that really strike my attention as well as responses to common arguments I tend to see against Libertarianism in general. You can probably guess what the latter might entail if you have been entrenched in political discussions for a year or two as is. Finally I plan on posting various charts, images, and infographics that I find worthwhile to post as well as (sigh) YouTube videos.


Having said all that, here is how the draft material posting will take place. Instead of posting perfectionist attempts at writing excellent drafts, I will simply look at my notes, and hastily type a summary of the material in whatever manner comes to mind – hence the reason I refer to it as “semi-draft” material. Any more effort at professionalism in this process will likely mean that the material will not see the light of day. I really need something to work with to allow me to write the first professional draft. That draft will likely be significant paraphrasing based on reader input; the product of which will be edited once more for grammar.


From what I have so far, the book will be divided into five chapters, each of which will be divided into three sections, each section divided into two parts, and finally each part will cover five topics. There will also be some preface material, and a concluding section, among other things. Speaking of input, anyone who is genuinely interested in giving feedback can drop me an email:





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