Book Cover Preview

As usual work and various errands – the latter of which often happens to be relevant to the subject matter of this site – have kept me pretty busy the past few months. I am currently in the process of adjusting to a new and improved set of living circumstances, but all is not lost.


Just to show some signs of vitality around here for once, I thought I would post a preview of something I made and modified over the past few years.


Book cover for State Exempt

I apologize for the poor contrast


The one aspect about the cover that I have reworked the most so far would undoubtedly have to be the subtitle. What was originally intended to be a short primer of less than a hundred-fifty pages has ballooned into what could potentially be 350+ pages long. I hope the final product will be far more condensed so the lay reader may find it useful, but then again the material I am covering has much to be explained.


And besides, if anyone wants a short concise summary of what Market Anarchy/Voluntaryism is, they can always consult my first blog post – or better yet – any of the following resources:


But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over?


Anarcho-Capitalist FAQ on how it would operate.


David Friedman on Private Law.


“Chaos Theory” by Robert P. Murphy in PDF form.



As usual, do not assume that an unannounced several week hiatus means that I have abandoned this project. I can assure you the best is yet to come…