Nostalgia is as Nostalgia Does

As I type the first couple paragraphs of this I’m on a computer that I have booted up Ubuntu 11.04 on from a CD-R. Just learned how to do that a while back and boy has it opened the door for experimentation! I have been messing with it for a couple weeks now, and Windows seems even worse than it already did to me before I really even knew what Linux was. In the future, I plan on doing routine posts on Linux, seeing as there are several thousand different distributions of that work of art.


I know I am supposed to explain where exactly I come from politically (as I said before becoming an Anarcho-Capitalist does not happen overnight). To be honest, I’m still trying to piece together how that happened. The other day I thought of reading whatever books by Bernard Goldberg I happened to have on my shelf just to get an idea of how far my views have changed – as well as for a shot of nostalgia I am eager for.


Speaking of nostalgia, a relative of mine just so happens to be graduating from high school now. Yesterday she was watching a two-part video series made on the last day seniors were “allowed” to show up at the place. It sure brought back memories for when I went through the same process. Knowing what I know now about the societies we live in and the origins of our Prussian-inspired education system gives the day I graduated a whole new perspective.


I took a little time off from posting to jog my memory a bit before I write my less than perfect intellectual autobiography. It’s been so hard to piece together where I came from politically – I guess I just can’t accept the fact that I was as wrong as I was about so many things – especially when I look back at how much effort I put into defending those earlier views.


While I have yet to jog my memory to recall every last detail of my transition, I fortunately know enough to say where I started. I am an ex-neocon – and no, this is not an attempt to make it look like I made a massive 180-degree change in perspective.


If I could join the ranks of the rest of society and promote something everyone else already approved of, I would do it in a heartbeat. I literally have nothing to gain from labeling myself a market anarchist. When you hold that less than one percent the human populous knows what would work out best for everyone else, it gets very lonely indeed.


But there’s nothing of significance in promoting views everyone else has to being with, and all changes in popular opinion have to start somewhere…