The Unannounced Hiatus is Over

The past several months have been a little dry here to say the least. I guess this is what happens when you succumb to the addictive venue that is Youtube.


As soon as the holidays are over I will bring this blog back into full swing. 2012 will not be a year of absence on my part in producing new material for this site. Next post, I will give access to the condensed outline for State Exempt so readers will know what to expect in 2014 when the book itself is complete.


While I may not always keep posts on here coming at a regular basis, you can usually catch me through my Youtube channel.

Current Ventures Underway

Alright, so I’m a little late in posting the weekly update. There is so much going through my head right now as I think back to what my previous political world view was and how that has changed. It has made me a bit nostalgic, but until I get the chance to put more thought into all that here is a short and sweet summary of other aspects of the State Exempt project that I have underway.


For starters, my Youtube Channel is now fully functional. I ‘ve yet to see if I will make any videos of my own, but I do have plans for organizing playlists for all Libertarian-minded viewers, or at least for those who have yet to see the light.


Along with that I’m familiarizing myself with the Ubuntu operating system. Which is taking a lot less time then I expected. (2014 update: Holy crap have I advanced greatly in tech aptitude since I first made this post…)


And of course, the book itself (State Exempt) is underway. If anyone is interested I might start posting excerpts on here for input before finally publishing it and webbing the book altogether. (2014 update: those are now being done almost once a week)