Selected Bibliography for State Exempt: Part I

Recently a twitter user named “FreedomBookClub” began following me and asked me if I had read any books lately worth recommending. As simple as this question was, it really got my head spinning because all this time the blog has been up I should’ve had some kind of bibliography of recommended reads up.


I sure am glad that question came up, and so now begins the process of listing all the books I either have read or will read so I can perfect the content of the first draft for “State Exempt: Guide to a Voluntary Society.” This will be the first of a five-part series listing books that I think are relevant to the subject matter of the book. So here is the first list of books off the top of my head:


1. The Machinery of Freedom – David D. Friedman

2. Enterprise of Law – Bruce L. Benson

3. To Protect and Serve – Bruce L. Benson

4. Chaos Theory – Robert P. Murphy

5. The Market for Liberty – The Tannahills

6. For a New Liberty – Murray N. Rothbard

7. Anarchy & the Law – Edward P. Stringham (editor)

8. Law’s Order – David D. Friedman

9. The Law – Frédéric Bastiat

10. More Guns, Less Crime (3rd edition) – John R. Lott

11. The Bias Against Guns – John R. Lott

12. Shooting Blanks – Gottlieb & Workman

13. Wired for War – P.W. Singer

14. Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do – Peter McWilliams

15. The Myth of National Defense – Hans-Hermann Hoppe

16. Pursuit of Justice – Edward J. Lopez

17. License to Kill – Robert Pelton

18. Master of War – Suzanne Simons


So that just about does it for now. I likely will be linking to places where these can be purchased and/or downloaded but for now readers will have to Google these or judge them by their titles alone.


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