Coming Soon – A List of Proposed Posts [August 2014 Edition]

The title of this post is self-explanatory, so without further ado here’s the list itself:


-My Collected Posts on Crypto-Anarchy

-Rational Ignorance: An Economic Analysis of Time Management

-I Joined and You Should Too!

-Belle Knox, College Costs, and the Signalling Theory of Education

-The Ten Universal Rules of Logic

-Burden of Proof: How You Draw the Line

-Antifragility: A Primer

-Writing That is Both Analytical and Antifragile

-Simple Math Showing that Taxing the Rich Gets Us Nowhere

-Simple Math Showing Background Checks Can be Eliminated – Seriously

-Three Reasons We Can and MUST End Anti-Discrimination Laws

-Demonstrating how “Privilege” is an Intellectual Black Hole

-Five Arguments Feminists Need to Ditch to Remain Credible

-Ten Ways Women Can Increase Pay NOW Without Government

-Five Arguments Anti-Racism Activists Must Ditch to be Credible

-Forget Disease: Single-Parenthood is the Biggest Epidemic in America

-Stop Bashing Christian Conservatives as “Anti-Science.” No really.

-News Flash: Anti-Science Liberalism Actually KILLS People

-Scrap the Precautionary Principle NOW

-The Bell Curve’s 20th Anniversary and it’s Significance

-Human Biodiversity is the Nuclear Physics of Biology and Social Science

-Why Social Justice Needs “The Bell Curve” and HBD

-Yes IQ Matters a WHOLE Lot More Than Socioeconomic Status

-Why Critical Studies Can (and Should) be Scrapped from Colleges

-How to Define Government and the Free Market

-Five Reasons Free Markets Beat Government at  [Five-part series]

-Price Controls Either Cause Shortages, or Aren’t Needed

-Ripple Effect: How Bad Price Controls Can Be

-The Simple Process That Makes Speculators a GOOD Thing

-Why Monopolies are Unlikely in the Absence of Government Intervention

-Universal Case Against Government Regulation I: Costs

-Universal Case Against Government Regulation II: Benefits

-Regulatory Capture is Inevitable – Here’s Some Examples

-Public Choice Theory: An Introduction

-Sorry Democrats, Demographic Determinism is Largely a Myth

-Buying Unowned Property: Aboriginal Reimbursement Explained

-The Many Camps Within Libertarianism – and Where I Stand

-Years Later and No Shred of Evidence Nozick Abandoned Libertarianism

-An Open Challenge to Naomi Klein Fans Who Buy Her Attacks on Milton Friedman

-How Much Would a Free Market Legal System Cost?

-Under Market Anarchy, Would the Poor Lack Protection and Legal Representation?


So there we go. These look like they’ll be the next forty or so posts that will appear on here. I pledge to do about 3-5 posts per week if not more. Largely this is possible because most of what I’ll write will be draft-ish material for State Exempt itself. Needless to say I will probably add some stuff to the list from time to time.


Sit tight, stock up on drinks, and enjoy what will soon appear!


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