Nolan Chart – Neon Edition

That’s what this looks like to me. Or at least this is the result of inverting the colors on the standard pic and changing the inside text to gold. For what may be a decade, I’ve seen this image as being the best map ever of major political groups in the Western world.


Nolan Chart Neon

Best introduction to how political groups differ.


I haven’t used this blog much, but I thought this would be a good way to split the hiatus that never ends. Several years ago I was obsessed with this chart and the various online quizzes that map your result upon it. I recently had a discussion with someone about how forcing people to focus on policy would mean the end of any Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump types. And using questions that talk about the costs of many policy goals wouldn’t hurt either.


But with all that aside, political quizzes are a tough thing to execute. The less someone knows about policy (and less confident they are), the less accurate any quiz for them can be. This is part of why I don’t buy claims that The World’s Smallest Political Quiz is intentionally inaccurate. No quiz that measures a lay person’s policy preferences can work effectively on someone who doesn’t have the knowledge to form strong opinions to start with.


Without that knowledge, it looks like people make decisions based on group pressure and how much they feel inspired by a political figure’s speaking ability. Fortunately most people know enough history to understand that both those influences haven’t fared well at delivering effective candidates, so there’s some hope at rolling them back.


Hey, at least that’s a start right?


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