About this Blog

This blog was set up with the intent that it would supplement a book by the same title. It should be published some time in 2015 depending on how quickly I get what I already have in mind written as well as how much more I decide to cover.


I started putting notes together for it some time in December of 2010 from what I recall. At the time I was expecting it to be no longer than 165 pages or so. The target audience was anyone who already had a strong “big L” Libertarian bent – that is people who would call themselves Minarchists. My goal was to take just a handful of “vital” government functions (police, courts, and national defense) that they would deem necessary for government to provide and describe how they could be provided at least as well via free market means.


With the passage of time – as well as the decision to cover more subject matter – the length of the book changed drastically. Soon I decided to include material on the public goods problem, intellectual property as well as unowned land/resources, private banking, some cost/benefit analysis of how government handles the public goods problem, etc.


In no time, I made a small outline of the five main chapters as well as how each of those would be further divided. From there it was only a matter of expanding on all of it even further. What started off as a projected 165-ish page long book now looks like it will be in the 350+ range at the least. Not only that, but the time it has taken to write it has turned out to be much longer than expected. I had presumed the book would be in print by fall of 2011; that ended up being a false assumption.


Aside from the book, this blog will mostly consist of semi-random thoughts that come to mind on all things in political economy. I suppose this site will just be a means of showing some kind of vital sign to the rest of the world that I am still active and hard at work. Hopefully that work will be well received and persuade others that the ideas presented have merit.


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