Before (and How) I Got Into Politics: Part III

It should be pretty obvious that I knew very little about the candidates in question. But to be frank, who really does? And unless there happens to be some compelling event that motivates people to blame one party or another for a mishap, who really cares? At the time, first impressions were all that mattered to me because that was all I had to go on.


If you happen to read the preceding posts and conclude that my initial experiences were a bad way to decide which party best suited my taste, you should check yourself at the door. So far as I know, everyone starts off with a blank ideological slate. What actually gets written on that slate will always begin with a superficial judgment about one party or another:


  • My mother decided to cast her vote for Obama because she thought a speech his wife gave was “down to earth.”
  • An older sibling of mine decided to do the same because she thought he was “cool.”
  • Someone I know said they would never have voted for Barack because his name was too “shady” for him.
  • I once heard likely voter insist that if John McCain were to acquire the presidency in 2008, he would go to war with Afghanistan.
  • And the number of people who paid more attention to Barack’s minister than his own political platform speaks for itself. Not to mention people like this:



Even though I regret joining a party because Bush Jr. “looked” like he had more experience, I can safely say my mistaken approach was no where near as bad as the methodology others have made.


Just to help me get over myself in making that choice, here are a few more videos that make me feel so smart.




And this last one features an experiment I myself wish I could carry out sometime…


Now you have a pretty basic idea of how I actually got into politics. All I have left is to explain why the hell I decided to stick with supporting an administration that – like all others before it – took it upon themselves to run this country into the ground.