My Biggest Phobia About Blogging Might Be Over

Not once has this ever been a site I’ve taken time to actively maintain. And if I had to be honest with myself, a lot of why that’s the case stems from an area of research in the world of privacy that really spooked me somewhat. If you give this presentation the time, I think you’ll see what I mean:



And if you like to read about things in more technical detail (which I sure as hell did for this), then read this from abstract to footnotes: Adversarial Stylometry


It looks like a utility that conceals unique writing styles and is easy to implement might soon be a reality. So far it has been suited for analyzing Tweets but it could just as easily be used for longer passages of text. The fact that Twitter’s character limit doesn’t make it less likely for a unique “style” of use to appear scared the hell out of me when I first let the README for that project sink in. But I guess I should be in the clear if I don’t have another account under my full name for someone to compare.


If I had the patience I would familiarize myself with Anonymouth, but Stylext seems sufficient for adding some plausible deniability. I look forward to how both projects get implemented!